A world premiere gift from Slipped Disc

A world premiere gift from Slipped Disc


norman lebrecht

December 29, 2010

Today’s free classical download is the opening of the first-ever recording of the tenth string quartet by David Matthews, a British composer steeped in Mahlerian language while developing a voice that is absolutely his own. The Lontano from his 10th quartet is one of the lovelist passages I have heard all year.

It comes courtesy of a new participant in the free downloads scheme. Toccata Classics is a one-man band invented by Martin Anderson, publisher, critic and sometime international economics official. Toccata pursues esoteric music with rare passion. Some of its composers   were pushed to the margins by political condictions in their country, others have simply failed to obtain the recognition they deserve. Toccata has high standards and produces few duds. Unusually, you can obtain its new recordings by subscription.
Here is the wonderful David Matthews work, played by the Kreutzer Quartet. You know now where you can find more.
Image: Kreutzer Quartet - Matthews: Complete String Quartets

To download Matthews: String Quartet No. 10, Op. 84 – I. Lontano
click the link below:

Kreutzer Quartet at work


  • Nancy says:

    Let me thank you again for such a marvelous gift. Who needs a partridge in a pear tree when there’s the daily download to look forward to? I now have a dozen more musicians/labels to look for on my next musical shopping tour – and it’s all thanks to you.

  • Marie Lamb says:

    Nancy’s reference to a partridge in a pear tree is an apt one. When I send out the daily e-mail telling my friends and co-workers at WCNY about the latest download, the subject line is always “Here’s the (number) link from Norman,” usually with some reference to a carol or to the music for that day. Whether one celebrates the twelve days of Christmas, the eight of Hanukkah, or other multi-day observances such as Kwanzaa, it is such a joy to find the latest gift for us all. Once our program director at WCNY gets the go-ahead for some CD orders, this will also be a gift to thousands of our listeners, for you can be sure that these CDs will show up on my list of things we need for the library. As mentioned on Facebook earlier, this touching new music left me so I had to get the lump out of my throat before going on the air this morning.
    Norman, you’ve done it again–thank you!

  • Dan Lewis says:

    Fabulous! Thank you