A Hanukah story of interfaith harmony

A Hanukah story of interfaith harmony


norman lebrecht

December 02, 2010

This warming tale was on my screen this morning from David Snyder, in Buffalo, NY:

My wife, who is of Polish Catholic ancestry, and is still an active Catholic, heard of an anti-semitic incident in an American neighborhood. A Jewish family put a menorah in their front window and had a brick thrown through it. The neighborhood response was to install menorahs in front windows up and down the street. 

This wasn’t in our neighborhood, but she went out and bought a menorah, and every year (including this one) she displays it and lights the successive lights for Hanukah. I think this is a good answer to anyone who wonders about the appropriateness of holiday greetings. I hope you will wish her a Merry Christmas.

I will, indeed.


  • A lovely story, thanx for sharing!