News just in: Verdict in the oboe case

An employment tribunal in Cardiff has ruled unanimously that oboist Murray Johnston was neither victimised by its former music director, Carlo Rizzi, nor unfairly dismissed (see earlier commentary).

The decision is a serious blow for the Musicians Union, which supported Mr Johnston and conducted member ballots on his behalf. While Welsh National Opera expressed quiet satisfaction at the victory, the ruling is unlikely to allay the orchestra’s unhappiness, as described to the court.

First report here. 

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  • TP Hogan says:

    This was the wrong verdict, and the WNO will never be in tune after this.

  • This just seems silly. Conductors are passionate people, and they want everything to sound perfect. If the Oboist can”t do the job, a new one is needed. People are way to hypersensitive, just because the conductor got upset and kicked a chair doesn’t mean he’s a bully.

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