How to cut the arts – the Gomps way

The alien-looking character below is BBC News’s so-called Arts Editor, Will Gompertz, a man familiar with the contemporary visual arts but out of sorts with anything more serious or intellectual. He is papped here at last week’s Man Booker dinner, the biggest occasion in the literary calendar. The Booker is a black-tie night. Most writers, even the most bohemian, tend to respect that convention. Gomps, it seems, had other ideas. Or maybe he was just economising on wardrobe in anticipation of today’s government arts cuts.



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  • He looks really freaky. I don’t know how a man like this can hold this position.
    Maybe he thought that not wearing a tie was a really unconventional and revolutionary act 😀 He is really avant-garde, no one has ever done anything like this before. What a genius!

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