What really goes on at your agent's

I submit herewith the minutes of a recent staff meeting at one of the world’s leading artist agencies. Item one: pats of butter in the fridge, too many. Item two: new coffee supplier, discuss. Item three: must we still print out every email, incoming and outgoing, in duplicate for archival storage? Item four: need I continue…?


Few will be surprised to discover that music and musicians figure very low on the agenda of an antediluvian industry obsessed with its own comforts and routines. I get about a dozen calls a month from young artists, wondering how to deal with agent attitudes that mock their urgent needs.



To read more, read the October issue of The Strad, out now.

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  • This recent ‘series’ (or should that be ‘exposé’?) on artist management is very enlightening, thanks so much!

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