More tricks from the record labels

More tricks from the record labels


norman lebrecht

September 16, 2010

Promotion, what promotion? fumes a well-known artists’ agent in an email this morning.

The artists have to pay for their own PR (and it doesn’t come cheap). They also pay for the photo in  the booklet and for the sleeve notes if they want them to be more than a hacked rehash of Grove Online.

Even more pernicious, Sony in particular has told certain soloists to get an orchestra that is paid for by a radio organisation. That means the label gets the entire production for nothing.

And yet it expects to take the bulk of any profits and a share in the artist’s live fees.

Extortionate, or what? 

I guess someone has to pay for Lang Lang’s $3 million golden hello.


  • Michael Scott says:

    I wonder if these standards also apply to Lang squared?

  • Svetlana Ponomareva & Marc Villeger says:

    Well dear Norman, revealing these tricks made us independents so very, very happy because we can truly focus on music making, on owning the CDs we put our signatures on. Perhaps it is this authenticity these labels are desperately searching for and lucky us, we have it!