Want to know what really went down at the Sydney Opera?

Listen to Simone Young on The Lebrecht Interview, Monday night 9.45 on BBC Radio 3 and streamed all week.

Simone pulls no punches, making it clear that she was fired by a board that went back on its promises. There are hints of anti-feminism in the story, and her recovery to become general music director of the city of Hamburg is one of the great musical comebacks.

I like Simone: she’s a real fighter, and a contender for the next big opera vacancy, possibly Covent Garden. More details here, along with a posed picture.


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  • Why, is Pappano leaving CG imminently?
    NL replies: He has made it clear he is leaving after the Britten year, 2013-14.

  • Who are rumoured to be the favourites to succeed Pappanp? Fabio Luisi would be my choice. Andris Nelsons would be exciting, too!

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