Some gentle arts brain-twisters for a summer's day

Some gentle arts brain-twisters for a summer's day


norman lebrecht

July 23, 2010

1 Why has the Welsh Assembly voted £250,000 for Bryn Terfel’s private festival when Welsh National Opera faces devastation by cuts?

2 Was the UK Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt ‘really looking forward’ (his words) to the DCMS staff awards when he’s planning to sack half the workforce?

3 Who thinks a committed pornographer is a fit and proper person to own a British national television channel? (see question #2, perhaps)

4 Why is a summer breezer allowed to advertise itself as ‘Britain’s first classical music festival’ when its headliners are crossover divas Katherine Jenkins and Russell Watson? Shouldn’t it be sued for false trading by the BBC Proms?

5 WTF is Deborah Voigt doing singing Annie Get Your Gun at Glimmerglass?

6 WTF is Renee Fleming doing altogether?

7 Which soprano says she hits her top by clenching her bottom?

8 How does Placido Domingo get away with a $6m Ring deficit at LA Opera?

Post your answers (and more questions) in the space below.


  • Sarah says:

    For 8 : Because he was sick.
    I am pleased to see his recovery, he is possibly the finest tenor still active.