If it's Thursday, Why Mahler? is in Harrogate

If it's Thursday, Why Mahler? is in Harrogate


norman lebrecht

July 28, 2010



Mendelssohn and Mahler

Lecture by Norman Lebrecht

Thur 29 July | Royal Hall | 2.30pm

Music historian and award-winning novelist Norman Lebrecht offers a radical interpretation on the Jewish nature of Felix Mendelssohn and Gustav Mahler. Mahler converted to Christianity to become head of the Vienna Opera, but always sought to explain his peculiar identity. ‘I am three times homeless,’ said Mahler, ‘as a Czech among Austrians, an Austrian among Germans and a Jew anywhere in the world.’ Mendelssohn left his Jewish roots, composing the wedding march and partnering Queen Victoria at the piano. Hear Lebrecht argue how his active suppression of his Jewish heritage is inherent to his trag


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    More’s the pity it’s not online.
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