It's Miller tonight – and nothing lite about it

It's Miller tonight – and nothing lite about it


norman lebrecht

August 31, 2009

The director Jonathan Miller, inventor of time-shift opera, is in the hot seat of the Lebrecht Interview tonight at 21.15 (UK time) – and streamed all week on BBC Radio 3.

Miller confronts his guilt feelings at abandoning medicine for the arts, his anger at singers who abuse their power and his intolerance for those of lesser intellect.

His New York Mafia Rigoletto is coming back for the 27th year at English National Opera.


  • Midnight Soil says:

    Dear Mr Lebrecht
    It must have been your indignation that accounts for the fact that the Fairfax Press (The Age) has today printed in full the transcript of Paul Keating’s 45 minute eulogy to Geoffrey Tozer, delivered to prolongued applause, at the Memorial Service held yesterday at St Patrick’s Cathedral in Melbourne, at which Rosamund Illing sang.