Not so eagerly awaited?

Not so eagerly awaited?


norman lebrecht

February 03, 2009

English National Opera are offering best seats for tomorrow’s opening night of Jonathan Miller’s new Boheme for as little as £20 – a saving of £59 they shout, in a last-minute email.

Just click online – – and you could be rubbing shoulders with the Great and the Good – you know, like the new chairman of the Arts Council, a gaggle of critics, some out-of-work actors and leading insolvency practitioners.

The premiere night has, admittedly, been postponed by two nights because of snow (let’s not go there again).

But if ENO are having to give away best seats to its top draw for as little as one Adam Smith note (about $27 in greenbacks) it’s not just the snow that’s keeping folks at home. This could be turning into a box-office winter of severe discontent.