The Record Doctor's surgery is open now

The Record Doctor's surgery is open now


norman lebrecht

December 04, 2008

This coming Monday, Dec 8, I’m doing a half-hour slot on WNYC at 2-2.30 pm, called The Record Doctor.
The idea, linked to my book The Life and Death of Classical Music, is that people can email or ring in to ask me to prescribe a record remedy for their particular lifestyle dilemma – dinner with the boss’s new post-modern wife, a second date with a Nigel Kennedy fan, a ceasefire negotiation with Condoleeza Rice – or just a deep-seated need for a piece of music to cope with a human crisis: redundancy, divorce, a disastrous day on Wall Street.
If you have any life crises that might be solved by a piece of music, do send us a mail. And please ask friends to take their aches and pains to The Record Doctor.
Here’s what they have posted on the WNYC website:
Attention: if you’ve ever been confused or put off by the process of buying a classical recording, tune in Monday when the Record Doctor pays a visit. Want to know what recording of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony is the best? Or where to start with Wagner? The Record Doctor – aka British music critic Norman Lebrecht — will be with us to provide both diagnoses and cure. Send us your questions now!
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