Strange radio noises in Holland

Strange radio noises in Holland


norman lebrecht

September 09, 2008

Make of this what you will:


Concertzender victim of its own success

Hello Norman,

A bizarre situation has developed in the Netherlands. Everywhere in the world, classical broadcasters are shutting down, because of dropping listening figures.

In the Netherlands however, the Concertzender, who you might
know because of its internet channels, has to shut down
because it has become too popular…

Dutch Public radio hosts the Concertzender, and working with 150
volunteers and a handful of paid staff members, they operate on a basis of 500.000 euro a year. Cable companies in the Netherlands are now opting to broadcast the concertzender, instead of the non-classical Radio 6. Instead of looking for a good solution, the co-ordinator of radio 6 just wants to pull the plug from the Concertzender…  

To make things even weirder, a message explaining the situation with a call for support had to be removed from the homepage. A small flood of support letters came in, prompting the board of management of the Dutch public radio to postpone their decision. Because the Concertzender has also a large
international following, could you please write a mail to:

I hope I can count on your support!!

Rolf den Otter


  • Dennis says:

    The station succeeds, so it might be shutdown? How bizarre.
    We have a thriving all-classical channel here in Louisville, Kentucky (host city for next week’s Ryder Cup matches!), WUOL 90.5. I guess we’re lucky these days to still have a market that sustains it. Even in some large cities like D.C. and New York I’ve heard classical channels are struggling or changing their formats, if not chutting down altogether.
    Best of luck to Concertzender!