Getting brought to book

A nice journalist on The Scotsman rings up to say his editor is banging on about well-known authors, me included, whose events have not sold out at next week’s Edinburgh Book Festival.

‘Give us a chance, guv!’ I cry. ‘I haven’t got on the train yet or done a stroke of publicity. By three pm next Tuesday, they’ll be banging down the doors of my yurt.’

Just in case any of you are going to be in Ed next Tuesday, do drop in. Here’s the URL:


And if you have been enjoying the Lebrecht Interview on BBC Radio 3, next up from Monday is Peter Jonas, the only administrator with senior experience of all three arts funding systems – US (Chicago Symphony), UK (English National Opera) and EU (Bavarian State Opera). Among other topics, Peter talks movingly about his relationship with the serene Slovak mezzo-soprano Lucia Popp and her previous lover, the conductor Carlos Kleiber.


Here’s where to find it.

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