More eminent members

More eminent members


norman lebrecht

July 02, 2008

The newest recruit to the Overture Protection Club (see here) is Valerio Tura, former artistic director of La Monnaie in Brussels, a man who knows what’s what in an opera house.

We now have a quorum at OPC headquarters and are starting to roll. Maestros and producers who abuse the humble overture had better watch out.

This could be as big as the Early Music Revolution – before it went the way of all revolutions and settled for a desk job-with-dacha, a dictatorship of the professariat. 

New OPC members can sign in under Comments (below).


  • blazerbadge says:

    I’d like to renew my membership.
    (I know, I already signed up, but I’d feel bad not leaving a comment after reading your new blogpost.) :o)
    Looking forward to the next post!