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Maestro woes: Loser sues over music director ‘anomalies’ - Article - 16 December 2014

A month ago, power brokers in Seville, Spain, split the music directorship between the incumbent political pet Pedro Halffter, who had been rejected by the musicians, and the American John Axelrod. Halffter will remain opera chief at the Teatro de la Maestranza, while Axelrod gets to lead symphony concerts. The decision followed an international search for […]

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Orchestra votes 70-4 to reject music director - Article - 31 July 2014

Musicians in Seville, Spain, are making their views known about the city’s next music director. Pedro Halffter (pictured), who has been artistic director for the past ten years, is putting in for a renewal. The musicians called a ballot and voted against him, 70-4. The government, too, think he’s too expensive. Two other Spaniards, Juanjo Mena […]

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Power couples in classical music - Article - 3 June 2014

In an art where sex-equality is a fairly recent innovation, there have always been couples who ran parallel careers. Not many of them lasted the distance as travel and stress took their toll, but there is currently a growing pack of musical pairs with a lengthening track record. Here’s the Slippedisc power couples list for […]

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Top mezzo-soprano prolongs maternity leave - Article - 17 February 2014

Elina Garanca, who had her second baby last month, has told the Vienna Opera that she won’t after all be singing in April’s Rosenkavalier. Sophie Koch has been called in to sub.  

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Conductor and diva announce new baby - Article - 13 January 2014

Our social secretary reports: Karel Mark Chichon and Elina Garanca are delighted to announce the birth of our daughter, Cristina Sophie Chichon, a sister for Catherine Louise. Cristina was born on 10 January 2014 and both mother and little Cristina are doing very well.   Our family is now complete and we embrace the future […]

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Latest from Latvia - Article - 30 September 2009

A press release from Riga informs me that the national symphony orchestra has a new chief conductor, Karel Mark Chichon, who is apparently British. The statement neglects for some reason to mention that he is also the husband of the country’s leading international opera singer, Elina Garanca, who will no doubt wish to spend more of […]

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