Salzburg nabs Munich’s best boss

September 14, 2018 by norman lebrecht


The outgoing Austrian intendant of Bavarian State Opera, Nikolaus Bachler, is to be the next director of Salzburg’s Easter Festival, succeeding Peter Ruzicka.

Bachler finishes in Munich in June 2020. His partnership with music director Kirill Petrenko has been an outstanding success.

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  1. Olassus says:

    From 200 performances p.a. to 8 performances p.a. — in a town with no leather bars. Poor Bachler.

    1. Thomas Silverbörg says:

      Munich will rejoice at his departure. My condolences to Salzburg.

      1. Olassus says:

        … and hopefully some of the sickos on his team will follow.

    2. Tamino says:

      pardon my ignorance.
      what is a leather bar?
      Is that term codified language for what?

  2. erich says:

    The most pressing question is how long it will take before he and Thielemann fall out. Two Alpha males (well, sort of)…very unwise.

    1. Tamino says:

      CT is not an alpha male but a lone wolf, psychologically speaking. Do we know anyone he gets along with, who is not a serf/inferior?

  3. Cynical Bystander says:

    Cue the usual homophobic innuendo so much in evidence on this site should the opportunity arise.

  4. william osborne says:

    I find it interesting that Salzburg often seems more in Munich’s cultural sphere rather than Vienna’s. This has some important historical and cultural implications.

    1. Tristan says:

      congratulations to Salzburg, what a fantastic solution, a mega decision indeed!
      Bachler has made Munich the top opera on earth, it is no doubt the number one!
      His leadership has been respected by the audience and critics alike (if you value any of them nowadays as most have no bloody idea)
      Bravo Salzburg, well done!

      It’s not quantity Olassus but quality! Kleiber hasn’t done lots but what he has done is peerless! Salzburg at Easter should be honoured to get Bachler!

      1. Caravaggio says:

        Surely you meant “Kleiber didn’t do lots ….” He is, sadly, departed.

        1. Tristan says:

          read carefully! Of course he isn’t anymore!

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