A body coach writes: ‘My breasts get in the way of my cello’

July 16, 2018 by norman lebrecht


From movement coach Stefanie Buller:

In my coachings I experience the freeing impact of simply addressing this problem on female cellists. And also cello teachers are often helpless when it comes to this topic. And it speaks for every cello teacher to be insecure how to address it. Especially when teaching teenagers whose body is basically changing every day. So my hope is to provide some support and a first approach….

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  1. John Borstlap says:

    That was also the problem of my uncle Simon. He played the accordion but switched to piccolo in the local wind band.

    In the house here I hear that the reason that so few women become conductors is that they can never be fat, for comparable reasons.


    1. Jack says:

      Dang, somebody should have told Sarah Caldwell never to bother.

  2. Robert Holmén says:

    If that article is on that blog, the link on this blog is not taking me to it.

    The headline I get is

    “They say I should just play relaxed. You´re the only one who actually teaches me how to do this.”

    1. Bruce says:

      Found it under the “blog” tab. There is an English version ~halfway down the page.

  3. Robert Holmén says:

    Large breasts v. cello was a recurring question on a cello forum I used to frequent for which none of the assembled experts seemed to have any solutions, so it is interesting to see someone offer actual advice.

    Her guidance about the “fake confidence” pose will probably freak out about 99% of the music teachers on the planet.

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