So, Anna Netrebko, what does DG mean to you?

June 12, 2018 by norman lebrecht


‘Dolce e Gabbana!’ she cries.

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  1. Mike Schachter says:

    She has aged a lot

    1. Eoghain O'Keeffe says:

      She’s great, though, and she absolutely owns the stage. Age is inevitable!

    2. JoBe says:

      Everybody ages. But not everybody piles on ever more kilograms which each passing year, as she does (no, I am not thin, either, but then, I am also not singing “La Traviata”).

      1. Eoghain O'Keeffe says:

        I wouldn’t care what she weighed – she’s fantastic on stage. Did you see her in the recent ‘Eugene Onegin’? Absolutely fantastic.

      2. Ametfan says:

        Well, I am thin, yet I can recognize a vile comment when I see one. I don’t worship Anna, but I do acknowledge her talent and accomplishments first and foremost. We are fortunate to have her.

  2. Caravaggio says:

    She is so, how shall we say, articulate. This inanity is going to make people buy records?

  3. mike says:

    Let’s make hiiistery another 200 years!

  4. barry guerrero says:

    Why take Netrebko to task when there really isn’t the developed talent behind her to step in her place? Why does the opera world, in particular, feel so inclined to do this most every day (the ‘cattiness’ is precisely why I keep my distance).

    1. Don Ciccio says:

      Yoncheva is arguably the “developed talent behind her”; obviously, tastes in singers is a notoriously subjective matter. And I do prefer Yoncheva over Netrebko.

  5. Dimitri Vassilakis says:

    her age and her weight are not the problem .
    The sad thing is her poor intellect …

  6. barry guerrero says:

    She’s a singer!!! Who looks to her for a discourse on something.

    1. Dimitri Vassilakis says:

      Sure , but in that case she should better keep her mouth shut…

      1. barry guerrero says:

        . . . except when she’s singing? Isn’t that a bit like, ‘a woman’s place is in the kitchen and bedroom’?

  7. barry guerrero says:

    Wagner was right, they should burn down ALL the opera houses (including his own).

    1. JoBe says:

      Wasn’t that Boulez, though?

  8. Sara says:

    Netrebko has a great voice and musical intuition.Sadly, not every singer can be blessed with great intellect and intelligence and the world of singers have seen many of these cases however lately we have exceptions too. Netrebko put on weight quite a lot visibly and should take some control about her diet too.

    1. Alex Proust says:

      For example, just look what Renee Fleming did in her early 40s. She also got overweight then, but got more careful with her diet, and now looks fabulous for her age.

  9. Alexander says:

    there are so many words about her appearance and manners … E pur si muove 😉
    She is the soprano No.1 with a huge voice of immense darkish beauty, like the Universe itself 😉

    P.S. It is interesting to say that there were some French newspapers which wrote “she doesn’t have any remarkable timbre, so her voice is just regular” ages ago … I would be curious whether anyone could confuse her for someone else nowadays ? … tastes differ and this is the teaser of her upcoming gala appearance on Medici TV. For those who is eager to listen to her free of charge in this gala I think it would be better just wait for a fortnight and there will be something on youtube in a satisfactory quality.
    just my opinion of course

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