Libor Pesek is 85 today (and no-one believes it)

June 22, 2018 by norman lebrecht


The law-unto-himself Czech conductor, once the light of Liverpool in its gloomiest decade, is 85 years old today.

Probably the most fun conductor I have ever known, he’s bound to outlive us all.

Na zdraví, Libor!

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  1. FS60103 says:

    Wonderful man, and actually a superb Elgarian as well as being unsurpassed in Czech repertoire. One of only two MDs I ever worked for who brought in champagne to thank the office staff. The other – shock! horror! – was that famously talentless and insincere Sir Simon Rattle.

  2. Patrick says:

    What is the piece? Not Stabat Mater. Requiem?

  3. BrianP says:

    How true Norman! We sometimes used to plan his RLPO seasons having a picnic by the Vltava and have tears rolling down our faces dreaming up bizarre programmes. Happy Birthday dear Libor!

  4. Rob says:

    Cancerians make great conductors, Mahler, C.Kleiber, Pesek, Salonen, Blomstedt. To name a few.

  5. David J. Hyslop says:

    Fine musician and great guy.

  6. barry guerrero says:

    He used to guest conduct in San Francisco, but I haven’t seen his name come up here in a long time. Maybe they feel he’s 85 years too young, I mean ‘old’.

  7. Alexander Platt says:

    — a wonderful conductor and human being. I remember so fondly, going up to Liverpool to hear him when I was at Cambridge. And then there was that Beethoven “Eroica” and Janacek “Glagolitic Mass” at the Proms — so authoritative, but always with this shining modesty…..a rare gift.

  8. newsinonslow says:

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  9. Djok says:

    Far too late but have good times dear Libor. Greetings outof Fryslân.

  10. Djok says:

    Far too late but have good times dear Libor. Greetings outof Fryslân.

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