A classical football XI

June 18, 2018 by norman lebrecht





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  1. Andrew Powell says:

    Long ago I had an interview lined up with Claudio at the LSO’s office. I got there on time, all prepped, only to be told by an apologetic GM he had gone out to play soccer with orchestra members.

  2. Hilary says:

    Photo 4 shows Shostakovich smiling, which is a rarity.

  3. Bruce says:

    I remember reading in Domingo’s autobiography how he came out for a bow at the end of a performance and held up a big placard with the score of the big football match that was happening the same afternoon. (I don’t remember if it was a World Cup match or what) Apparently the local favorites had won, and the crowd went bonkers.

  4. Doug says:

    Is that really Karajan kicking a violists head after rehearsal?

  5. Barry Guerrero says:

    Nice photo of George Pretre too.

  6. drummerman says:

    The very first “Three Tenors” concert (in Rome, 1990) was held to coincide with the World Cup being played there.

  7. Pedro says:

    Is Bocelli classical?

    1. Petros Linardos says:

      Let’s see what an unquestionably great classical singer, Thomas Quasthoff, had to say about Bocelli in an interview with Norman Lebrecht.

      “[Quasthoff’s] contempt for those who blur qualitative distinctions and abuse the vocal art is positively withering.

      “Andrea Bocelli is not an opera singer,” he proclaims, “and I cannot understand why Pavarotti should have called him ‘my successor’. What is that? Where are we living? Where is the quality? Why are big conductors making records with this guy? I am a teacher, and I know how hard it is to learn classical singing. He is not a classical artist.” ”

  8. Rich C. says:

    COYS !!!!!!!!

    1. Barry Guerrero says:

      . . a cross between a cow and coyote?

  9. JoBe says:

    Netrebko – blonde??
    Soon, she will be singing “Starke Scheite schichtet mir dort”.

  10. Barry Guerrero says:

    “Click on the pictures above that have a soccer ball”

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