Concert pianist wins TV Masterchef

May 15, 2018 by norman lebrecht


The Dutch-born pianist See Siang Wong has won the Swiss TV version of the cooking contest, Masterchef, known locally as SRF bi de Lüt Männerküche.

A teacher at the Zurich University of the Arts, See Siang Wong, 38 has recorded for Decca and Sony and has performed with Pierre Boulez among other eminent conductors.

In the TV final, he cooked fish in a banana leaf and beef randang. With a light touch, we are told.


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  1. Furzwängler says:

    SRF bi de Lüt Männerküche?

    Gottfridstutz nonnemal, Schwyzertüütsch isch doch e Halschranket, no schlimmer als Holländisch!

  2. Ruben Greenberg says:

    Has he played Martinu’s: “La Revue de Cuisine?

  3. Esfir Ross says:

    SSW didn’t record B.Martinu “La revue de Cuisine” But I play it and a good cook ,too

    1. Ruben Greenberg says:

      I’d love to play it with you and eat your cooking afterwards!

  4. Larry W says:

    In recognition of both talents, his album is titled “Chopin’ Beethoven.”

    1. Furzwängler says:

      Which one do you think he makes a particular meal of?

      1. Larry W says:

        Both. He makes meals of notes and meals of note.

  5. SEESIANG says:

    Dear ALL, indeed : Chopin → Chopping, Beethoven → Baking Oven 😛

    1. Ruben Greenberg says:

      What about a Chopin’ List?

      1. Larry W says:


      2. SEESIANG says:

        On my Chopin’ List will be some nice beef filet, french foie gras, hot crouton and fresh black truffle for my Tournedos Rossini and some tomatoes for my Paganini Ravioli…Buon Appetito! 😉

        1. esfir ross says:

          Seesiang, those ingredients for Beef Wellington, not Turnedo Rossini

          1. SEESIANG says:

            Dear Esfir, they are :p. Foie Gras and Black Truffes are main ingredients for Rossini of course ! I do not know what kind of filet Wellington u make (I make that too sometimes) but with these two ingredients, foie Gras and Truffes, it must be a very exclusive and special one à la Rossini !

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