Watch: A conductor takes flight

April 23, 2018 by norman lebrecht


Not an orchestra in sight.

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  1. Gunter says:

    who is it?

  2. BillG says:

    Remember Edwardo Mata.

    1. Meal says:

      And: Karajan!

      1. Petros Linardos says:

        And pianist Walter Oppitz.

    2. fierywoman says:

      … and remembering that Mata died because his plane crashed.

      1. J. Froberger says:

        It still hurts….he died due to the crash in january 1995. A few weeks earlier i wittnessed his final concert in Rotterdam with the Rotterdam Philharmonic. The complete balletmusic from “El Sombrero”, de Falla. Without any doubt he was (maybe is) the best conductor for this music…I cherish also deeply his recording(s)of music from his compatriot Revueltas

    3. Cubs Fan says:

      Michael Christie, former music director of the Phoenix Symphony and also Melbourne, now at the opera in Minneapolis, flies his own plane all over.

  3. Anonvln says:

    Hi Daniel!

  4. Anthony Kershaw says:

    Daniel Harding has a full (A320?) simulator ($$$$$) in his Paris basement.

    He’s nuts about flying.

    1. Max Grimm says:

      Boeing 737NG (737-600/-700/-800/-900 types) simulator.
      From time index 7:40 onward…

      1. Petros Linardos says:

        That documentary shows him also fly a real plane. He must have money to burn.

  5. bystander says:

    Is that Andrew Staples in the backseat?

    1. Philip Moores says:

      Yes it is Andy – who, I think,filmed it?

  6. Ainslie says:

    What’s the music?

    1. Philip Moores says:

      The main theme from the film 633 Squadron by Ron Goodwin

  7. Vittorio Parisi says:

    My friend Daniel Szomogy-Toth conductor in Debrecen, Hungary, is a licensed pilot of big planes

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