Vivaldi hated the viola

March 17, 2018 by norman lebrecht



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  1. Charles Clark Maxwell says:

    Thanks for posting. Hilarious.

    Bring on the viola jokes guys !

    1. RW2013 says:

      Still more variety than playing viola in a Philip Glass opera.

      1. Gerhard says:

        Or any other instrument for that matter …

    2. David R Osborne says:

      Mine’s a cartoon, I don’t think it is possible to post pictures here. A concerned looking gentleman, instrument case in hand, is being given the results of his medical check-up.
      Doctor: “I’m sorry Dave, you’re only as fit as a viola”.

    3. Thomasina says:

      ” How do you keep your violin from getting stolen? Put it in a viola case. ”
      I’m not a musician, so I don’t know if it’s a old joke but there are many viola(and all other instruments) jokes on the site of Viola Jokes.

      1. Paul Davis says:

        Wonderful collection, i especially liked:

        What’s the difference between a seamstress and a violist?
        The seamstress tucks up the frills.

  2. Pianofortissimo says:

    “Vivaldi composed the same concerto 400 times”, said Stravinsky at the time of the “Vivaldi revival” in the 50’s. One can say that it was a great concerto. Most of his music was composed or simply put together for use in one or in a few occasions, and not intended to be preserved, as the careless frivolity of that viola part. If we keep to the concertos and trios and sonatas that he published during his lifetime (op. 1-12, also “op. 13” that he probably did not approved), I think that every piece is simply wonderful.

    1. John Borstlap says:


  3. Doug says:

    In his contract with the Esterhazy court Haydn demanded that the orchestra employ viola players that could actually read music.

  4. stolzing says:

    I hate this viola player

  5. Mirel Iancovici says:

    Is somebody here thinking that the cello part would be more interesting and rewarded than that ?

    1. tono torres says:

      Good answer !

  6. Michael Comins says:


  7. boringfileclerk says:

    Vivaldi, the baroque Philip Glass hated music full stop. Pick one of his concertos, you’ve heard them all.

    1. JoBe says:

      Indeed, he *hated* music so much that Johann Sebastian Bach looked up to him and to his concerti and used these as structural models for his own…

      1. Pianofortissimo says:

        To be more precise, in current terms we can say that J.S. Bach has stealed from Vivaldi. 🙂

  8. Kees Vlaardingerbroek says:

    Funny! But in reality Vivaldi wrote many brilliant viola parts, especially in his contrapuntal concerti ripieni

  9. Ben G. says:

    As recently seen in Strad magazine:

    “World renowned quartet seeks first and second Violins, including Cellist, for a 2018-19 international tour. (contact details below).”

  10. Violist says:

    And, apparently, this violist hates practicing.

    1. David R Osborne says:

      fortunately for violists, it’s not necessary.

  11. Robert Holmén says:

    The second easiest job in show business.

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