Orchestra boss, 75, takes on his 12th job

March 16, 2018 by norman lebrecht


The estimable David Hyslop, former president of the Minnesota Orchestra, St Louis Symphony and others, has emerged from two months rest after cervical disc surgery to move into a new position as interim president and CEO of the Omaha Symphony.

David, 75, will start work in May.

Among ten short-term interim posts he has headed orchestras in Dallas, Louisville, and Stockton, Calif., and served as strategic consultant to the Santa Fe Opera and Amarillo Symphony, putting them back on track.

What a pro.

Comments (9)

  1. Leonard Slatkin says:

    No one better in the business. Old school but always finding creative solutions for any problem.

  2. Jeffrey Biegel says:

    Echo Maestro Slatkin’s testament. David can be a friend to everyone, and will do anything for anyone. He cares about people, talent, organization and making a difference for communities. He better live to 100!

  3. Joel Levine says:

    Congratulations, David! Omaha will be in good hands.

    1. The View from America says:

      Maybe he’ll have a bit of influence over the concert programming in Omaha, which can charitably be described as “all warhorses, all the time” …

      1. Bill says:

        And perhaps the audiences in Omaha are happy with that.

        1. The Voice from America says:

          Audiences everywhere are happy with that. But that doesn’t make the programming any more interesting.

          1. Saxon Broken says:

            I guess you want interesting programmes that audiences are unhappy with, so that nobody goes.

  4. John Gingrich says:

    The Hyslop Fan Club is vast and we’re all pleased that he’ll be taking on new challenges.

    1. drummerman says:

      The Gingrich fan club is vast, also.

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