Maestro move: Daniel Hope adds new job

March 18, 2018 by norman lebrecht


The British violinist Daniel Hope, music director of the Zurich Chamber Orchestra, has been chosen in San Francisco to succeed Nadja Solerno-Sonnenberg as head of New Century Chamber Orchestra.

Hope, 44, was asked to fill in some months ago as interim artistic leader and the orchestra has moved fast to make the move permanent.


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  1. Don Hohoho says:

    I wonder why it is always violinists who are given such positions. They do seem to think they are more important than other instrumentalists.

    1. Envy says:

      I agree. I’d love to have a timpanist lead a chamber orchestra. Move the timpani to the front and conduct with the drum stick when not pounding away.

      1. will says:

        I think you are being either facetious, cynical or utopian.

        1. Max Grimm says:

          Not necessarily…

          (In all fairness though, Rattle did not conduct with the mallet, swapping it for a standard baton throughout the piece)

          1. Sue says:

            My understanding is that Rattle is also a fine pianist.

    2. John Borstlap says:

      In the orchestra, the violin has already the upper voice, so the only prospect of promotion is the conductor’s rostrum. For double bass players and tubists the trajectory is so much longer and that is why we rarely see them conducting…. by the time they reach the stratosphere of voice leading, they get pensioned-off.

      1. Andreas B. says:

        James already mentioned Mehta;
        let’s not forget Koussevitzky!

    3. Sue says:

      He’s not just another violinist. He has a stellar solo career.

      1. James Scott says:

        Zubin Mehta was a double bass player, and Bramwell Tovey played the tuba.

        1. will says:

          Who he? ( Bramwell Tovey)?

    4. Barry Guerrero says:

      Relax, folks. New Century is a chamber orchestra that rarely ventures into music that calls for much in the way of winds, much less percussion. Bigger works performed north of the Golden Gate Bridge usually go to the Marin Symphony and, further up the road, Santa Rosa Symphony.

  2. Edgar says:

    Not wanting to play first fiddle here, as I don’t play a string instrument. I am a mere music loving audience member and happen to be a friend of the New Century Chamber Orchestra. I have attended many performances which were wonderfully led by Nadia from her leader’s desk. I trust this will continue with Daniel as her successor and congratulate the NCCO with choosing him and wish them toi toi toi for the years to come, to the delight of music lovers in San Francisco and beyond. After all, it’s about Enjoying Music Together, whether making or listening to it. No Beckmesserei needed.

  3. boringfileclerk says:

    At least they didn’t appoint a violist!

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