President Macron will appear in Peter and the Wolf

February 23, 2018 by norman lebrecht


He has scheduled a  concert at the Elysée Palace next Thursday where he gets to recite the role of Peter.

Or maybe the wolf.

The concert will be attended by school children, sick children and Palace staff, we read.


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  1. collin says:

    At 40, he’s very young for a President, but very old for a Peter.

    40! Sure puts things in perspective, if one can run a country at 40, how hard can it be to run the Met?

  2. Max Grimm says:

    “He has scheduled a concert at the Elysée Palace next Thursday where he gets to recite the role of Peter.

    Or maybe the wolf.”

    Norman, according to the article you link to, he will be the narrator telling the story.

    1. V.Lind says:

      The celebrity reader usually is. Typical not-actually-read-the-article stuff.

    2. M2N2K says:

      In fact, narrator is the ONLY speaking part of the piece. All other “roles” are performed by musicians playing different instruments.

  3. David A. Boxwell says:

    i’m still waiting for Trump to narrate Erin Kaplan’s “A Lincoln Bedroom Portrait.”

  4. JoBe says:

    Worth noting that this picture has been taken inside the Strasbourg opera house. Macron even sang!

    1. Petros Linardos says:

      Doesn’t look like proper singing. He is primarily smiling and barely moving his lips. A politician in action.

      1. Max Grimm says:

        “barely moving his lips” “A politician in action”

  5. Aria da capo says:

    Not bad! Still, he has a long way to go: the late chancellor Helmut Schmidt, -an accomplished pianist himself-, was entertaining his colleagues in european summits showing off his talent (I have his Mozart recording by EMI), and so did former U.S.A. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice performing for Queen Elisabeth. Not to mention “the flute king”, Frederick the Great of Prussia.

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