Martha Argerich cancels US tour for ‘family and health problems’

February 3, 2018 by norman lebrecht


The great pianist writes:

‘I am very sorry having to cancel my upcoming tour in the United States with Itzhak Perlman, whom I deeply admire and with whom I love playing. Because of family and health problems, I cannot for the moment travel far and for extensive periods of time away from my home in Europe. Thank you very, very much for your understanding.’

The tour had been booked in five cities, four of which have made alternative arrangements:

Los Angeles Disney Hall (March 13+14, 2018) has shifted the booking to May 12+14, featuring Perlman with his regular pianist, Rohan De Silva.

San Francisco Davies Symphony Hall (March 16, 2018). This has been cancelled.

Chicago Symphony Center (March 18, 2018). Violinist Gil Shaham and pianist Akira Eguchi will stand in.

Washington Kennedy Center (March 20, 2018) has moved the date to May 23, featuring Perlman with his good friend Pinchas Zukerman and Rohan De Silva.

and Carnegie Hall (March 22, 2018). This will now feature Perlman/Zukerman with De Silva.

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  1. Basia Jaworski says:

    I’ve just heard her Monday in The Het Concertgebouw Amsterdam, with Misha Maisky and Janine Jansen..…/spelen-met-de-neshome…/

  2. Mark says:

    I have a ticket for the Carnegie Hall concert
    Well, a Perlman-Zukerman duo recital is great, too !

    1. Lawrence Haber says:

      Not at $253 each

      1. John E Martin says:

        How will we get younger audiences at the big stars concert with these kind of prices. A litta work needs to be done with Yahoo bozo United States in culture!

    2. Pinchas Zuckerman just cancelled last week and at VERY short notice, a concert in Puerto de La Cruz, Tenerife….it was part of the Islas Canarias Festival!

  3. Stephen says:

    Which is more miracumous, Archerich’s playing or having actually seen her play (except on YouTube)?

  4. Stephen says:

    Sorry: “miracuLous”!

  5. Stephen says:

    Which is more miralumous, Archerich’s playing or having actually seen her play (except on YouTube)?

    1. Stephen says:

      Which is more lousy, your spelling or your eyesight?

      1. B. Johnston says:

        you are right… haha

  6. Stephen says:

    Which is more miraculous Archerich’s playing or having actually seen her play (except on YouTube)?

    1. fierywoman says:

      Playing with her.

    2. fierywoman says:

      Playing with her (is the most miraculous.)

  7. Catriona says:

    As everyone of us – Martha is – apart of being an great, amazing artist foe decades- as well a human being and we used to get older and our healrh in not granted to last forever.I have had opportunity to see Martha’s artistic schedule, her numberous commitments and the only thing I’d say is – I admire deeply her energy, commitment and amazing zest to comply with all her agitated agenda! Besides of great talent and titanic work is necessary to have an unusually resistance and strength alongside of excellent heslrh condition!

  8. Catriona says:

    I’m sorry for few spelling errors but actually it wasn’t my blame. It was my Intellingent Smartphone Writer,lol!
    As you can see – we still have no replacement and always a human brain will be better than such a Intelligent Writer – but under condition – that brian contents much more and better data files than our smartphones!

  9. Stew says:

    I have it from a reliable source that the real reason behind the canceling was a protest against the Dutoit allegations.

    1. harold braun says:

      Good.She always was a courageous,open minded person.And,yes,she is the greatest living pianist.There are some piano Gods,and there is Martha…

    2. Antonia says:

      This is what I heard, as well.

    3. M2N2K says:

      It does not make much sense.

  10. Sally Shenton says:

    If Marta Argerich isn’t issuing a formal statement then she should be allowed her privacy.


    I agree. Martha is Martha, as we all Know & Love. A Goddess never apologises or explains. We are just More than Lucky to still have Her. She can have all the time off She needs. as far as I am concerned. She’s been at it since She was 5, and it is nothing short of Astounding that She is still working. HEY!!! It’s actually No Big Deal to be able to write & Spell correctly. Simply one of the Appurtenances of Civilisation. – Brusik Jukubowski

  12. RobV says:

    🙁 will she be back?

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