The world’s worst airlines for musicians, 2018

January 5, 2018 by norman lebrecht


Time to update last year’s rankings, based on reader reports to Slipped Disc.

Here’s the 2018 roll of shame:

1 Ryanair

Still the unchallenged leader in a shocking field.

2 Vueling

Also known as appalling

3 British Airways

Rising levels of callousness and misinformation

4 United Airlines



5 American Airlines

Kafkaesque ineptitude


Dumb, dumber, dumbest

7 ANA Japan

They have a thing about violas

8 WestJet

Hates cellos

9 Brussels Airlines

EU gotta be kidding

10 Alitalia

Unkind to antique instruments


Comments (5)

  1. Nicolas Tremblay says:

    Will we have a world’s best airlines list ?

    1. Ben says:

      At one time, it was the Karajan Airlines, I am very sure.

      1. Max Grimm says:

        While smaller than Karajan Airlines, there’s Harding Airways.

    2. David R Osborne says:


  2. Fred Wanger says:

    Hilarious compilation of pianist/conductors! Barenboim, hands down (or, perhaps, up)

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