New York Phil calls in ex-assistant to replace Dutoit

December 31, 2017 by norman lebrecht


It has been communicated that Joshua Weilerstein, Alan Gilbert’s assistant conductor from 2011 to 2014, will take over from Charles Dutoit in four Ravel concerts on January 17-20.

Weilerstein, 30, is artistic director of the Lausanne Chamber Orchestra.

Dutoit relinquished the concerts for reasons well documented.

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  1. harold braun says:

    PC choice.Clean slate,dull as ditchwater

    1. Capitaine Bordure says:

      PC would have to be at least a transgender person of colour.

  2. Hilary says:

    Interestingly, no response/sign of panic from the NHK symphony orchestra. One assumes that this is where Dutoit will continue working.

    1. Thomasina says:

      His concerts are already over this season, early in December and it’s not certain whether he can continue.

  3. Danny Erlich says:

    Shameful how previous commentators make light of sexual assault. Weilerstein a worthy choice, both musically and morally.

    1. Will says:

      Is ‘worthy’ a tainted description?

      1. Bruce says:

        Heh heh… you said “taint,” heh heh…

    2. Mr. Schwa says:

      How do you know he is ‘morally’ a good choice? For all you know, he is a sex maniac. Neighbors thought John Gacy and Ed Gein were nice guys.

    3. ben LEGEBEKE says:

      Worked with Weilerstein. He is a mediocre talented conductor , nothing to compare with younger conductors like Rouvali, Hrusa, Urbanski and the young italian Andrea Battistoni. Comparing to them Weilerstein is still a student. Scandalous how peoples, like Dutoit, lives are broken with unproven attacks. Obviously this is a kind of a new fashion when one person is sreaming something than another one follows and so on. Ok, Dutoit was a womanizer , but so what….

      1. Alan says:

        Can’t afford to be a womanizer or “manizer” today or crucifiction by public opinion may follow maybe decades later. Remember the “swinging 60s” and the “sexual revolution?” History. Things “unproven” are no longer necessary. There is trial and sentence that no longer needs a court for proof. Over a million people “follow” a celebrity. If he/she says “I was raped” then good enough for them. Let us return to the Salem witch trials, this time by Twitter.

        1. harold braun says:

          My thoughts….

      2. harold braun says:

        Spot on….couldn´t agree more.Like in 30s germany,some very mediocre talents get a big chance thanks McCarthy like hysteria now….

    4. harold braun says:

      Morally,yes(which doesn´t have any impact on the performance).Musically,no.

      1. Mr . Schwa says:

        How do you know what he is morally? Are you his father confessor? He might be a pervert…..

  4. Rob says:

    Good luck to Joshua Weilerstein. What a break!

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