Kissin is received with state honours in Armenia

December 29, 2017 by norman lebrecht


The president of Armenia, Serzh Sargysan, called in the visiting pianist for a meeting yesterday.

He thanked Evgeny Kissin for being one of the few world artists to commemorate the centenary of the Armenian genocide, an atrocity still denied by its Turkish neighbours.

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  1. Stuart Percy says:

    The other one being Jordi Savall

  2. Olassus says:

    It is a wonder President Trump doesn’t likewise note this piece of Turkish history.

    1. Steve P says:

      Guarantee it is in Trump’s back pocket: if the Turks keep running their mouths about Israel, I’m sure he will bring it up in the most indelicate way possible.

    2. Petros Linardos says:

      Being informed is beyond his dignity.

  3. Herr Doktor says:

    Thank you, NL for this news item, and thank you, Evgeny Kissin, for your great artistry and greater humanity.

  4. MacroV says:

    Good on Kissin, but I’m not sure about his being seen with Sargsyan, also a highly corrupt and undemocratic leader of the sort we are well familiar with in that part of the world.

    1. Theodore McGuiver says:

      In any part of the world, let’s face it.

      1. Saxon Broken says:

        Huh? In Europe and the US, and certain other countries, the government is elected clearly democratically, even if you don’t agree with the choice of the electorate.

        1. M2N2K says:

          Unfortunately sometimes “democratically” elected leaders turn out to be corrupt and/or undemocratic.

  5. Been Here Before says:

    Mr. Lebrecht, could you please post your latest WSJ review of Kissin’s memoir book? It it behind the pay wall. Thank you!

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