It’s Colon vs Scala for Chenier online

December 15, 2017 by norman lebrecht


The Teatro Colon ins Buenos Aires is muscling in on La Scala’s triumphant opening night with Andrea Chenier by streaming the same opera – live and free – this weekend.

José Cura sings the title role.

Streaming link here.



Comments (7)

  1. Ungeheuer says:

    Regardless, it’s a sorry pitchfest either way with Cura in BA or Nebs in Milano.

  2. Patrick says:

    Bravo, Teatro Colon! A beautiful house and a great company (and as much drama behind the scenes as on-stage. Ah, Buenos Aires!)

  3. Elizabeth Owen says:

    Cura? ugh ugh ugh. Once saw him try to sing and conduct at the same time…..with his back to the orchestra.

    1. Lina says:

      This is about 15 or 20 years back… Everyone deserves a new try… I like his voice and his acting.

  4. Stallsleft says:

    Worth tuning in to the broadcast from BA to hear Guadalupe Barrientos’ Bersi, if not JC himself, who sang thoughtfully and well. The production is risible. I attended the opening night in on 5 December.

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