Longest-serving player leaves the Israel Philharmonic

November 7, 2017 by norman lebrecht


The cellist Yoram Halperin has retired after 46 years.

He was hired by Zubin Mehta in 1971 even though he had never played in an adult orchestra before. ‘The risk’s on me,’ said Zubin.

His father was concertmaster of the Israel Opera. His son is a viola player in the Israel Camerata.

We wish Yoram a happy retirement.

Comments (4)

  1. Hanna Nahan says:

    But when does Zubin retire? That’s what the masses really want to know…

    1. Ross says:

      Conductors don’t retire

    2. George says:

      What masses? I, for example, do not want to know. Speak for yourself.

  2. Beinisch says:

    Yoram is a wonderful person and a very good cellist.
    I am sure that he will continue to play besides enjoying the freedom of retirement.
    I wish him all the best.

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