Lest we forget: Hvorostovsky’s winning aria

November 25, 2017 by norman lebrecht


This was the Russian baritone’s breakthrough moment at the finals of the 1989 BBC Cardiff Singer of the World Competition.

Irresistible. And not quite 27 years old.

What we lost in Dmitri Hvorostovsky.

And a new video, released this weekend by the ROH:

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  1. Ungeheuer says:

    In the Faust video the similarities in sound between DH and Jonas Kaufmann are striking. At least the former knew who and what he was and branded himself accordingly.

    1. Olassus says:

      Oh, for God’s sake.

    2. Sebastian Petit says:

      What on earth are you on about?! And how is this appropriate only days after Hvorostovsky’s death? sometimes it’s really better just to shut up

    3. Una says:

      What on earth do you mean? A bit like comparing an apple with a banana just because they’re both fruit or male singers. Nothing like each other!

  2. Zelda Macnamara says:

    I watched the Cardiff Singer 1989 live on TV and I almost fell off my chair when I heard him. Only 26, and everything already in place. And what heights he went on to scale. Oh we have lost such a wonderful singer and such a generous and gracious individual.

  3. Zelda Macnamara says:

    And no, we won’t forget. Never.

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