Nuremberg names young Generalmusikdirektorin

October 24, 2017 by norman lebrecht


Staatstheater Nürnberg has appointed Joana Mallwitz as general music director, as well as chief conductor of the state philharmonic.

Mallwitz, 31, was previously GMD at Erfurt.

Raised in Heidelberg, where she gained her early conducting experiences, she is one of Germany’s rising talents, guest-conducting opera this season at Frankfurt, Zurich and Copenhagen and making her UK debut with the Philharmonia and the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra.


Comments (14)

  1. Analeck Kram-Hammerbauer says:

    In the good times we had Furtwängler and Karajan. Now just such a Witz.

    1. Edgar says:

      Are you aware that your comment is obnoxious?

      1. Halldor says:

        What Edgar said: and when exactly did Karajan and Furtwangler work at the Staatstheater Nurnberg? What a doltish (and uninformed) comment.

        1. Analeck Kram-Hammerbauer says:

          We don’t need to wait until she stands in front of the BPh to stop the tyranny of SJW. That would be far too late.

          When Marcus Bosch came to Nürnberg, he already made his name with his Bruckner cycle in Aachen. What has this Witz?

          If you wasn’t ‘fortunate’ enough to watch her in live concerts, at least you can watch her Youtube clips. If you insist she is good, then sorry, we can’t help you any further.

          1. Halldor says:

            So there we go. Proof that bigotry damages your sense of hearing.

            If you ever needed proof that listening to great music does not make you a better, more tolerant and more perceptive human being, the comments section on this blog would provide ample evidence. Though ultimately, of course, the trolls themselves are the ones who lose out.

      2. jaypee2 says:

        Of course he is aware of that!
        He’s just like Ungeheueur, or Borstlap… He’s a troll. And that’s what trolls do: annoy and provoke. Nothing more.
        And we all know what trolls are: narcissists and psychopaths.

        1. Antennae Simmons says:

          “Psychology today”, yes, that paragon of academic standards and scientific rigor. They have nice tests, for example to establish your gender. Or in the case of your name, the roots of incontinence?

        2. John Borstlap says:

          It seems that you regularly get on the wrong website…. try this one:

          1. Max Grimm says:

            Did you find that website after the André Rieu thread? 😉

        3. Theodore McGuiver says:

          John Borstlap is not a troll. His arguments are coherent and his tone expansive. These qualities do not a troll make.

    2. Rented Unguent says:

      Yes, evidently an affirmative action hiring.

  2. Franz Walsch says:

    Richard Strauss once said about the Nuremberg Orchestra that it was the worst he ever conducted. Anyway, courageous decision – after the desatrous GMD now it can only get better.

  3. Sanity says:

    Actually, she been very well liked at Erfurt. Those people I know who’ve worked with her elsewhere speak highly of her.

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