Death of an influential keyboard teacher

October 24, 2017 by norman lebrecht


The distinguished piano and haprsichord teacher Heather Slade-Lipkin was laid to rest in a Manchester Jewish cemetery on Sunday.

Heather, who died on October 16, was Professor of Piano at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

Her students included Stephen Hough, Leon McCawley, Stephen Gosling, Stephen Coombs and many more.

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  1. Theodore McGuiver says:

    RIP, Heather, and thank you for everything you taught me. The above picture was taken at a concert of her pupils at the RNCM last March for her birthday, almost a year after Heather had been given only a few months. She never gave up. Her roll call of successful students is enormous; Anna Markland (outright winner, BBC Young Musician 1982) doesn’t even make a convenient shortlist, these days.

    1. RW2013 says:

      and you play a pretty mean Tiefland yourself Miles.

      1. Theodore McGuiver says:

        You wouldn’t say that if you’d heard it.

        1. RW2013 says:

          Looked like a decent cast and team on paper…

          1. Theodore McGuiver says:

            Everyone was excellent, to be honest. It was a stellar production.

          2. Theodore McGuiver says:

            See below (or above; who knows?). My first comment was just typical self-deprecation.

  2. Larry says:

    RIP is reserved for RC’s only!

    1. Theodore McGuiver says:

      Heather was a convert, but I take your point. Proddies can RIP too, though.

    2. Una says:

      No it’s not! It means Rest In Peace and is not owned by Catholics!! How narrow-minded.

  3. RW2013 says:

    Miles, if someone pays you a compliment, just say “thank you” and move on.
    (I can’t do it either…)

    1. Theodore McGuiver says:

      OK, thank you. Now stop citing my name and move on from that particular habit.

      1. RW2013 says:

        I have a freebie for Sideshow Bob on Sunday so I’ll post a selfie of us, THEODORE.

        1. Theodore McGuiver says:

          Taken in Bayreuth?

  4. Una says:

    I knew Heather well and as a pianist. She was also one of two Jewish pianists who played for me when I was the soprano soloist in Rossini’ s Petite Messse in Manchester. She never did give up and I am sorry to hear this news. May she rest in peace, and much sympathy to her family who will miss he enormously.

  5. Edward says:

    Sadly, all move on, as those who are left behind mourne.

    Down under, in Australia, we adore Stephen Hough’s piano performances: then, Heather Slade-Lipkin’s legacy is profound in death, as we honour her music during an exceptional life.

    And the love unfailingly resounding because of her commitment to music, continues to flourish on its joyous journey.

    Returned to the Creator, but forever remembered in our hearts as we reflect in our grief: on the meaning of Heather Slade-Lipkin’s life for us, that once resided in our lives.

    So sorely missed.

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