Riccardo Muti says he has conducted his last summer opera

September 15, 2017 by norman lebrecht


The maestro, 76 and super-fit, tells Corriere della Serra that this summer’s Aida at Salzburg was his last.

‘I will only conduct opera in a concert staging that does not require a month’s work. I do not have so many summers left. I want to spend them with my family.’

He will, however, conduct Macbeth in Florence next year and Cosi fan tutte in Naples, directed by his daughter, Chiara.

photo (c) Franz Neumayr/Salzburg Festival

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  1. Olassus says:

    Salisburgo riprenderà la sua Aida:

    «Io non ci sarò. Lì farò solo opere in forma di concerto, che non richiedono un mese di lavoro. Non è una polemica. Le estati davanti a me sono poche. Voglio stare con la mia famiglia. In Italia nel ’18 dirigerò Macbeth a Firenze (in forma di concerto) e Così fan tutte a Napoli con la regia di mia figlia Chiara. Mentre dal ’19 al ’21 rifarò l’accademia per giovani direttori a Tokyo».

    1. Olassus says:

      He doesn’t know his own calendar: Così is due at the San Carlo in 2019.

  2. herrera says:

    1) Interesting that the Mutis are test driving their Cosi in Naples prior to Vienna. Never a bad idea to do a test run at a regional opera house first, even for a veteran like the father, but certainly for the daughter.

    2) And no plans to conduct the Da Ponti Mozart trio operas in Chicago, now that he has done the trio Verdi Shakespeare operas there? It’d make a formidable complete set of 6 operas with Chicago.

    1. Olassus says:

      1) Così fan tutte is set in Napoli, Muti’s place of birth if not home town, and 280-year-old Teatro di San Carlo could be called “regional” only by someone unfamiliar with the history of opera.
      2) Not ruled out by his comments.

      1. Anon says:

        280 years old? I know opera houses that were even older and don’t even exist anymore. I guess you get what I’m saying. History they have in Naples. But do they have the present?

        1. MarcoD says:

          You can judge that by yourself

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