It’s Royal Brum from now

September 25, 2017 by norman lebrecht


The Birmingham Conservatoire has been granted a Royal title, Julian lloyd Webber has announced.

He adds: ‘This follows our announcement last year of HRH Prince Edward, the Earl of Wessex, as our first Royal Patron.’

Smart piece of lobbying. The test is in the teaching.

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  1. Operafan says:

    The photo shows the old conservatoire which is about to be demolished. They’ve just moved into a stunning £58m new building and are truly going places.

    1. Halldor says:

      Rule No.1 of London-based reporting about Birmingham: if you can illustrate it with a picture of a concrete monstrosity, do. Even if it no longer exists.

      Failing that: use a stock image of Spaghetti Junction. Watch this space…

      1. Allen says:

        The flaw in that argument is that the new one looks like a prison.

  2. Robert King says:

    A series of photos and a virtual tour of this new building can be seen at

    With 500 seat concert hall, 150 seat recital hall, 100 practice and rehearsal rooms, Organ studio, 7 recording studios, a Jazz club it looks to be a fantastic facility.

    There’s lots online about the architects but it’s quieter about who were the acousticians for the actual halls: can any SD readers provide that info?

      1. Robert King says:

        Fascinating reading – and people who’ve complained about the façade design may understand more about why the architects specified such heavy materials on that front elevation – there’s traffic thundering past on a busy dual carriageway, so the building needs as much mass of material as possible on the outside to absorb as much of that traffic noise as possible (especially the low frequencies) before the building’s ingenious internal sound attenuation design kicks in.

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