French maestro is being questioned for ‘moral harrassment’

September 28, 2017 by norman lebrecht


The former music director of Tour Opera, Jean-Yves Ossonce, is being questioned by the police after three members of the chorus claimed that he subjected them to ‘oppressive, humiliating and demeaning treatment’ during the course of a union dispute in 2005-6.

Ossonce was music director in Tours from 1999 until last year.

He has declined to comment.

Under a law of January 17, 2002, moral harrassment, such as bullying at work, is both a civil and criminal offence in France.

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  1. Malcolm James says:

    Allowing people to pursue complaints dating back over a decade, particularly of such a vague, ill-defined, nature, is most unsatisfactory. This has the whiff of old scores being settled.

    1. Holly Golightly says:

      And tyranny; a classic sign of our times.

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