Desert sheikhs grab Covent Garden’s top digital man

September 3, 2017 by norman lebrecht


We hear that Tom Nelson, head of Audience Labs at the Royal Opera House, has gone to work in an unspecified role at the Royal Opera House of Muscat, in Oman.

Tom’s role at Covent Garden opera was free-ranging. He was tasked ‘to experiment and innovate with new technologies to build new audiences.’

In Oman, he’ll first have to get out and find an audience.

At least he won’t need to wear black tie.


Comments (12)

  1. So what new technology did this top digital man invent in his old job? I am curious.

  2. James says:

    Unfinished…? It opened in 2011, and there is very much an audience there. Formal dress is also mandatory; either traditional Arab, or jacket and tie.

    I mean… come on…

  3. Anon says:

    Tom will be running a new Centre for Musical Culture which is opening as part of the ROHM.

  4. Rashid says:

    People of Oman are enjoying high quality of living standards. Oman is very peaceful nation. Stop your arrogance of looking at us down.

    1. Bob the Builder says:

      Your English sentence contains several errors, it should read “The People of Oman are enjoying a high standard of living. Oman is a very peaceful nation. Stop your arrogance looking down at us.

      With all your wealth one would have thought your Eton/Harrow education would have taught you how to construct a clear and concise sentence. Perhaps you did not attend either of these.

      1. Rashid says:

        at least I know communicable English, but you lack any knowledge of other langaugaes. My advice to you is to try to know others. Don’t think you are alone in this world

        1. Father Ted says:

          Who would want to learn Arabic?

        2. Well, you know, the world is changing extremely fast. I think nowadays there are many people learning Spanish in the U.S., because it is getting very widely spoken, especially in the southern states. Maybe Arabic will become the dominant language in Europe in the future, who knows. I definitely see the potential.

    2. Albert Steptoe says:

      You need to wise up mate. Oman has a dire human rights record.

  5. Nik says:

    The Muscat opera house appears to be a multifunction hall that occasionally stages operas performed by touring Italian companies. Whatever his new job is, it has a lot less to do with opera than his old one.

  6. Anon says:

    Actually ‘Bob the Builder’ your grammatical ‘corrections’ are incorrect, but it would take too long to explain.Despite this Oman is a great place, Arabic is a wonderful language and people of the World should try to learn other languages after all musici is a World language and this is what this blog is all about.So well done Rashid for communicating in a non-native languageand well done Tom of ROHM for taking up the challenge

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