Lang Lang cancels early-season dates

August 11, 2017 by norman lebrecht


The pianist announced in April that he was taking three months off with an arm injury.

It appears his recovery is taking longer than expected.

We hear he has cancelled US dates in the second week of September, starting with the Charlotte Symphony.

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  1. John Borstlap says:

    It all began with a sforzato in Beethoven sonata op. 57 1st mvt, a notorious pitfall for male Chinese.

    1. Cecylia Arzewski says:

      “Notorious pitfall for male Chinese”?
      What an ignorant thing to say!

      1. John Borstlap says:

        No, it has something to do with the range of finger spread in massive chords. Chinese people’s hands are relatively small, and there are some Chinese piano factories who adapt the size of their keyboards (and hence, key width) to local evolutionary outcomes. The 19C romantic piano literature never took future developments in consideration, although there have been attempts to design pianos for a subsaharan pigmee tribe, from which the later toy pianos in the West have been developed.

        Toy pianos have become very popular with Chinese people:

        And of course anything narrow and small found its way to the minitature version of things:

        1. You are right, just like holland can’t win football titles.
          Oh no, they became European Champion recently. But wait, it was the women’s championship 😀

          1. Wai Kit leung says:

            Holland won the (male) European Championship in 1988

        2. John says:

          Yuja Wang & Frederic Chiu please note. John has spoken.

          1. John Borstlap says:

            We had already 5 angry agents on the phone tonight, and 2 at the gate, so we held an emergency staff meeting down here in the cellar and decided that we will intervene, if needed with physical action, if / when we suspect another such unconsidered comment being in the make.


        3. Wai Kit Leung says:

          This John Borstlap is an ignorant racist. I am Chinese, I have never seen anyone play the top piano. To show a few videos of Chinese people playing toy piano and to claim it is popular among Chinese is worse that me saying John Borstlap’s ancestors made their living trading opium. The 千手觀音 isn’t even a Chinese thing – it originated from India.

          I am not familiar with your music, Mr. Borstlap, but you clearly needs to learn some world history (as well as manners) so that you can stop disgracing yourself in a public forum.

          1. John Borstlap says:

            It was a joke….. a sense of irony is, I thought, also part of Chinese culture.

          2. Wai kit leung says:

            I know a good joke when I hear one, thank you very much.

            Go back to writing your shxt music and leave other cultures alone, will you?

          3. Loki says:

            Sam Ting Wong ?

      2. Sue says:

        A default response and a tic for some sad people. You are learning your lessons well.

        1. Olassus says:

          Sue, JB’s comment is racist.

          1. Cecylia Arzewski says:

            Thank you!

          2. Harold Lewis says:

            And a characteristically feeble, ham-fisted attempt at humour (which the Borstlap tribe aren’t good at).

          3. John Borstlap says:

            It is not racist, which is proven by the videos I linked, which are trustworthy information.

            And for mr Lewis, who got a bad day: you missed the seriousness of my information.


            And then: the hand is important in Chinese culture which compensates for its smallness with extensive dances where the finger spread is artificially extended:


          4. John says:

            Maybe our US President’s octaves aren’t so good either.

    2. Royer says:

      Your violin Concerto is shit.

      1. Royer says:

        And you are a racist.

        1. A Chinese Commenter says:

          He needs attention, and he is going to get more with his racist comment than he can ever get with his music

          1. John Borstlap says:

            Fortunately there are more than one or two Chinese people around.

  2. Jeffrey Biegel says:

    So sorry to read this. I hope he is under the best care to treat the condition and move onward soon after. Many do not realize that playing of consistency, traveling etc takes a huge toll in the delicate muscles, tendons etc. Wishing LL a quick recovery.

  3. George Marcus says:

    The circus takes a vacation!

    1. Sue says:

      Undoubtedly he works much harder than the average person.

  4. Boz says:

    Lang Lang is the epitome of Shite, to be avoided at all costs.

  5. Ron Keillor says:

    His website has been updated: recitals have been removed, concerto performances remain.

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