Censored? Bolshoi cancels Nureyev biopic ballet

July 9, 2017 by norman lebrecht


No reason has officially been given for scrapping Tuesday’s world premiere of a ballet about a very bad boy.

But local fingers point towards its hero’s gay life and the recent arrest of its nonconformist director.

The Bolshoi promises and explanation tomorrow.

photo David Farrell/Lebrecht

Comments (2)

  1. AB says:

    Most probably, the reason is not the “gay propaganda law” nor the privat life of the principal character, but the investigation against the stage director Serebrennikov (

    And since the general manager of the Bolshoi is in the negotiations to extend his contract – he protects himself by postponing the premiere, for sure.

    1. MWnyc says:

      Of course, none of those things are mutually exclusive.

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