A singer with dyspraxia

July 17, 2017 by norman lebrecht


Stephanie Guidera from Liverpool talks to the BBC about singing with a co-ordination disorder.

You can reach the site here, but you many not be able to see the video in some territories.

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  1. Analeck Kram-Hammerbauer says:

    Wondering this creative, original and unique developmental diversity darling would be the perfect candidate for which operatic role. Any suggestion?

    1. Daniel Bridges says:


    2. Stephanie says:

      It’s moreso about helping young people with the condition realise a regular life is not impossible or out of reach. Thanks for insightful comment. Soon to be singing on inpatient and terminal illness wards. It could be formed into an opera some day, I guess…! What’s your contribution? 🙂 x

      1. Analeck Kram-Hammerbauer says:

        Awesome! Can’t wait to hear. Please do it and remember to keep us updated if any news about this new opera arise.

  2. Stephanie says:


  3. AndrewB says:

    Such courage and an attractive voice. Brava Stephanie Guidera!

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