Paint me a concert? OK, let’s try…

June 18, 2017 by norman lebrecht


We’re not quite sure what to make of this electronic painting venture by the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestras, but (as Mahler said of Schoenberg) maybe it’s the future.

See what you think.

Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestras from Isobar U.S. on Vimeo.


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  1. Alexander says:

    people possess creative thinking , in the form of images …those forms reflect the environment and feelings correlated to human’s experience ( including past and future experience for some and mostly present for many). .. the images in this video are psychedelic like and mostly disintegrated with comfortable human’s perception, even for clairvoyant – hence games of mind for drug addicted or similar discorrelated persons … staying in that mask for a long time can cause rather psychic disorder than lucid moments… real cosmic images and lights have nothing in common with those artificially made cheap spots … another fake revelation under the cover of new music testament or for those who are lazy enough to create their own 😉
    of course just my opinion….

  2. Itsjtime says:

    The enthusiasm from the kids is what is so special. In any concert or performance it is that energy which transforms music and in this case the marriage of music and technology into magic.
    Bravo to the kids and the directors!
    * Allen Tinkham is a supremely talented musician, educator and is a pillar of the musical community in Chicago. He will surely mature into one of America’s leading music directors. It seems as a foregone conclusion that he will direct an orchestra program at a top Conservatory/University.

  3. Pianofortissimo says:

    The odds are for those kids to take their new light game to pop.

  4. Ricardo says:

    Back in March 2011 I (together with two colleagues) improvised for 12 hours straight (i.e. 12 hours of continuous music – we did take individual breaks to eat and go to the loo). We had electrodes attached to our skulls. They were meant to translate our brain activity while playing into images on the screen. Most of the time it came out as an amorphous blob, haha!
    See here:

    1. Pianofortissimo says:

      Your recognition of what your cerebral waves looked like combined to the contents in the links can lead to nasty comments.

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