Young Soloists play Handel for Champions League final

May 27, 2017 by norman lebrecht


I couldn’t see a Chelsea shirt…

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  1. Holberg says:

    Which Handel composition is this exactly, Norman?

    1. norman lebrecht says:

      Zadok the Priest

      1. Steven Holloway says:

        Really??? I’m sure Handel would have been and Tony Britten was rather surprised to read that. It astounded me that anyone would write it.

  2. Tony Britten says:

    Its actually a version of my anthem for the UEFA Champions League, which in term references Zadok the Priest.

    1. LGT Young Soloists says:

      Thank you Mr. Britten for this beautiful music! Our young musicians had a blast recording it!!! 🙂

      1. Tony Britten says:

        And very nice to hear it played so well – over the years there have been numerous ‘re-workings’ that have not been such a pleasant experience to listen to!

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