Young Israeli is Germany’s new music director

May 14, 2017 by norman lebrecht


Yoel Gamzou has been named music director in Bremen.

Yoel – who is 29, not 30 as stated in German media – is a multi-talented, thoughtful composer who has created and recorded his own version of Mahler’s tenth symphony. He has previously been Kapellmeister in Kassel, where Mahler preceded him.

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  1. Boris Asmaroff says:

    Yoel Gamzou is 30 years old… Was born on March 10, 1987. Please correct, Norman.

    1. norman lebrecht says:

      Yoel told me yesterday he is 29. Take it up with him.

      1. Zalman says:

        Is it significant ?

        1. David L. says:

          Yes… I would expect a future Music Director (who is supposed to be a social figure/leader) to be honest with himself, but more important – with his audience and colleagues. This example, is certainly not in his favor.

          1. Zalman Blaier says:

            You are exaggerating…maybe he will be 30 this year?

  2. Yoel Gamzou says:

    Just in order to clarify this – Norman is absolutely correct, I am 29, only turning 30 next year. I hope I don’t have to submit a copy of my passport in order to remove all doubt…?

    1. Zalman Blaier says:

      It’s O.K. My point is that it is not a significant detail to argue about…

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