Easiest orchestra to play in? The Berlin Philharmonic….

May 16, 2017 by norman lebrecht


From an interview with Berlin’s principal oboe, Jonathan Kelly:

‘The Berlin Philharmonic is actually the easiest orchestra in the world to play in, because you are surrounded by such active and committed musicians. You feel constantly carried along by a wave of communication and activity.’

Full interview here.

Comments (6)

  1. bye bye says:

    Quite a feat to have played in every orchestra in the world.

    1. Thomasina says:

      We say ” Home sweet home “, even if we have never lived in all the countries of the world…

  2. Thomas Tompkins says:

    Has Mr Kelly played in the LSO?

  3. Hugh Jaarsz says:

    His vibrato is excessive and and too fast for my taste.

  4. 5566hh says:

    What has happened to Mr Kelly though? He has not appeared on any recent performances in the Digital Concert Hall.

    1. 5566hh says:

      Oops, it seems the interview answers that question

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