Have you heard the Steve Reich ringtone?

March 19, 2017 by norman lebrecht


Answer that phone now, before it drives you mad.

Comments (9)

  1. Walt says:

    I rather prefer the “Clapping Music” ringtone.

  2. David Boxwell says:

    A postmodern contrapuntal addition to the last minutes of Mahler’s 9th. It’s gonna happen. You just know it.

  3. Steve P says:

    Ok, that is pretty cool.

  4. Macanucaire says:

    I use 4′ 33* as my ring tone.

    1. Stanley Cohen says:

      So how d’you know when someone rings you?

      1. Macanucaire says:

        No one ever rings me

  5. boringfileclerk says:

    Sorry, but I will never replace my Xenakis ringtone.

    1. MWnyc says:

      You win the thread.

  6. William Safford says:

    It really drums that ringtone into your head.

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