Death of a founding Slovak conductor, 88

January 9, 2017 by norman lebrecht

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Zdenek Machacek established a network of operetta and music theatre performances in his country in the 1950s, conducting the Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra Kosice and the Slovak Philharmonic.

Czech born, he was leader of the second violins in the Brno Philharmonic until 1953, when he took up the baton.

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  1. Paul says:

    Could you please clarify why you have labelled him as a Slovak conductor in the headline when you later mention in the text that he was “Czech born”? I see that he worked very much in Slovakia, but did he give up his Czech citizenship to become Slovak? That is of course possible, but I have not found out yet.

    Since he was born in Brno, studied in Brno, and was section leader of the 2nd violins in the Brno Philharmonic, it seems like it would be more appropriate to label him a Moravian conductor.

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