Breaking: Chailly cancels Berlin Philharmonic

January 6, 2017 by norman lebrecht


He’s unwell.

Marek Janowski will take over next week’s three performances of the Verdi Requiem.

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  1. julius says:

    If he is really unwell, why is he conducting «Madama Butterfly» at La Scala the day after tomorrow?

    1. Thomasina says:

      Well, It’s Riccardo Chailly who conducts…not replaced.

  2. Frederic M. says:

    It’s really upsetting when artists use health reasons which are evidently untrue.
    Chailly 01/06 has canceled Berlin’s concerts (01/12-14-15) because of illness, but 01/08 has regularly conducted 3h05m of Puccini in Milan.
    Is it a dirty trick?

    1. John says:

      Frederic, have you ever become ill in the six days following some successful endeavor? Perhaps too ill to lead multiple rehearsals and three performances of a major choral work in one of the world’s most major venues? If not, I’d suggest you keep your boring and needless thoughts to yourself.

      1. gabri_fan says:

        John Terragni, I suppose?

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